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o Budget Comprehensiveness

The major instrument that regulates budgeting processes in the Republic of Albania is Law no. 9936, dated 26.06.2008, ‘on the Management of Budgetary System in the Republic of Albania”. This law regulates the budgetary system in Albania, which is composed of the state budget, local budgets and special funds. This law introduced for the first […]

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o PP Local Government Organisational Development

Territorial consolidation has occured in several European countries based on an array of arguments, including the need for higher administrative and financial capacities to provide services and infrastructure (water, waste treatment and local roads); demographic changes which are a challenge both for local government that lose population and for those that experience constant increase. In […]

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o Revenue Predictability and Sustainability of Local Governments in Albania

The terms of reference for this report outline in details the desired structure of report and reference data to be taken into account and analyzed. The goal of this report is to explore the predictability and stability of local government revenues in Albania, identify patterns in revenue assignments and possible impacts of structural changes in […]

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