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o (Shqip) Mbështetja e Shërbimeve të Përmirësuara të Menaxhimit të Mbetjeve të Qeverisjes Lokale

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o Paper intermunicipal cooperation

The paper “Inter-municipal collaboration on waste management” was prepared by Co-PLAN and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Albania, in the frame of the project: Inter-LGU cooperation support on waste management in Shkodra and Lezha region, funded by the Swiss Government and implemented by Co-PLAN and HELVETAS Swiss Inter-cooperation Albania. In fact, this paper was inspired by the […]

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Word 10/24/2013
o WM Outcome Report

For the past five years, the Decentralisation and Local Development Programme (dldp) has been providing support in the waste management sector to local governments in Northern Albania, with the support of Swiss and Albanian partner organisations. With the new Albanian National Waste Management Strategy approved in late 2011, there is now a clear impetus and […]

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o Summary table on the cost-effectiveness of dldp contributions to supporting waste management in Albania

The following table provides an overview of the costs of dldp contributions to achieve the three main changes at partners’ level (outcomes) related to supporting waste management in Albania. The table is closely linked and complementary to the report “Supporting Improved LGU Waste Management Services: A Report on the Outcomes of dldp and Partners’ Contributions”, […]

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