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o (Shqip) Menaxhimi i ciklit te projektit (me fokus ne projekte te bashkepunimit ndervendore)

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pdf 4/16/2013
o Public Procurement

This booklet is an effort of presenting readers with a comprehensive summary of the public procurement processes in Albania and an effective implementing capacity building. The booklet gains a certain value considering that neither any manuas nor commentaries on public procurement legal issues, has been published up to now in Albania.

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Pdf 4/25/2014 Tags: , ,
o Guidelines for the management of the grant fund

The DLDP as part of its program aims to set up a grant funds scheme through which to support partner LGUs in concrete improvements in public services and infrastructure, feasibility studies, information/communication activities, elaboration of studies, promoting of Inter-LGU projects

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Pdf 10/09/2013
o A Practical Implementation Manual

CBC programmes are building on the existing partnerships and joint cooperation initiatives between the two countries and the local government units (LGUs) in the bordering area. The civil society organizations (CSOs), including non-government organizations, trade unions, universities and research institutions are also eligible to apply for grants from CBC Programmes.

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