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Training modules 4

Organization Waste Management Stakeholders and Responsibilities-Institutional Arrangements There are a number of different role-players involved in solid waste management provision and the municipality needs to establish a clear institutional map in terms of who is responsible for what in the solid waste management system. The following issues need to be clarified.

Training modules 3

FINANCIAL (ECONOMIC ASPECTS TO WASTE COLLECTION SERVICES) One of the most important issues facing municipalities in the provision of waste/resource management services is the issue of cost recovery. From the perspective of the municipality the recovery of costs represents a key budgetary aim.

Training modules 2

Waste minimization Waste minimization represents a set of approaches, methods, activities and processes aiming the reduction of the volume of waste to be final processed. Recommended at all strategic documents and EU legislation, waste management should follow the following principles, starting from the most preferable to the less one