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dldp contribution in drafting a policy reform on public finanace managment at local level as part of a new law on local finances

The Albanian Government started the decentralization reform in 2014 and is now implementing the Administrative and Territorial Reform by organizing local governments into 61 municipalities. The new territorial organization aims to empower the new municipalities by enhancing their capability to provide high quality and timely services to citizens and increasing the efficiency of local governments’ resource management. The Administrative […]

PP Local Government Organisational Development

Territorial consolidation has occured in several European countries based on an array of arguments, including the need for higher administrative and financial capacities to provide services and infrastructure (water, waste treatment and local roads); demographic changes which are a challenge both for local government that lose population and for those that experience constant increase. In […]


The FPT is designed to support the elaboration of financial plans in Albanian Local Government Units. It covers a planning period of three years and includes the outturn for last year and the budget for the current year. The financial plan is part of the Medium-Term Budget Program. The FPT requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or […]