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SDP 2008

The main aim of this programme is to improve local governance in Shkodra region, focusing on the improvement of all the components of governance, managing and administration of infrastructure, services and transparency, with the ultimate goal of supporting decentralization and sustainable development. The preparation of the Strategic Development Plans through an open and participatory process […]


The FPT is designed to support the elaboration of financial plans in Albanian Local Government Units. It covers a planning period of three years and includes the outturn for last year and the budget for the current year. The financial plan is part of the Medium-Term Budget Program. The FPT requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or […]

SDPeMTBP – Review and Outlook

The Decentralization and Local Development Program dldp, financed by SDC and implemented by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation is based on a bilateral agreement between the government of Albania and of Switzerland. In its first phase from 07/2006 to 02/2010, the project was operational in the Qark (region) of Shkodra in Northern Albania, belonging to the poorest regions of the country. […]