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Composting in Community
File name: Composting in Community

Improper management of waste is a global environmental challenge, because it comes directly from human activity unrestrained. This challenge affects the community and quality of environment in developing countries and emerging economies. However, the challenges facing countries in development, not necessarily are the same with those of developed countries. For Albania one of the challenges remains disposal of those wastes that can be recycled or reused. One of these trends is organic waste and green mass for rural areas. Composting is a process that is recently seen more and more as a natural management practice, very positive for soil enrichment and addressing the problem of losses, erosion and reduction of negative impact on the environment due to the extensive practice of land use in the passed decades. Producers and users of compost find in this manual information on what is compost and what are the benefits of its application. It shows composting methods and technology and how to address environmental sustainability and various problems with which farmers may face.

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