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File name: FPT

The FPT is designed to support the elaboration of financial plans in Albanian Local Government Units. It covers a planning period of three years and includes the outturn for last year and the budget for the current year. The financial plan is part of the Medium-Term Budget Program.

The FPT requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or a higher version. The output tables F0 – F 15 are designed in a printer friendly version. The input tables B1 – KB22 are designed for working on a computer screen.

The FPT is offered as share-ware free for use for local governments in Albania. Before using the FPT, always check the website www.dldp.al for the newest release. Free download.

The CD with the FPT comes together with a manual. The manual provides guidance on how to use the FPT. The manual can be downloaded from the dldp website.

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